A policeman went to a call and returned being fallen in love

A cute story of a puppy and a policeman falling in love 

The little dog was just born, but his life isn’t bright enough.

He spent the night on the back porch of the Panhandle Animal Welfare Society, and the poor puppy withstood almost freezing temperatures before the staff discovered him  the next morning. And thank to the generosity of one policeman he’ll never be alone.

While the officer Marcus Montgomery was responding a call, he was shown the puppy and he told, that their connection was momentary.

“She brings the amazing puppy to me and he wasn’t barking, whining, or chilling. When I took him he quickly curled up in my arms.”

Marcus and his girlfriend adopted the puppy and it wasn’t the first time, as they already had  a pit bull named Vader.

And the girlfriend of Marcus wrote, that they decided to name the baby Kylo.

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