A man saved a kitten, that had fallen from a bridge

A strong kitten, that was able to regain the use of her back legs

A man was walking along a river in Japan when he discovered a little kitten fall off a bridge.

He immediately went to the place and found the cat well and alive, that was kept in a branch.

When he took the kitten he found out, that the kitten’s hind legs were paralysed. The only way was taking him home and ask for a medical assistance.

He named the baby Nene and helped to find a care to assist her get back on her feet.

He introduced Nene to his other cat and she began to regain her energy.

The other ginger cat named Uzu came to welcome her and this two quickly became inseparable.

Nene started to use her back legs and day by day her muscles became stronger and she was able to walk.

She’s transported into a completely different cat a year later and it shows how a love and care can change one’s life.

Watch the cute video!

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