A man gets too close to the fox to snapchat it and now he wishes he didn’t

A poor fox, that was in a terrible situation 

There’s such a saying “as sly as a fox”. These animals have a really amazing coat and a beautiful tail on the surface and also they have  many secret motives inside. A guy decided to capture it while he saw a fox in the middle of the street. And the animal had something unusual on his hand, that made the man speechless.

And how would you react if you happen to see a fox in the middle of the road?

The guy decided to capture this unusual moment and opened a snapchat.

And when the fox came nearer he even tried to pet it.

But later it turned out to be his worst mistake.

It’s obvious, that the poor fox felt bad cowering in the woods.

The next morning fate had repaid the man for his efforts in the hunt.

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