You can’t get enough of the scene of a little Chihuahua enjoying his time with baby goats thinking he is one of them

The puppy found his comfort with the baby goats. The video is wonderful!

Meet Lola, an 8 weeks old Chihuahua, who appeared in Sunflower Farm Creamery, which is famous for its adorable goats. Recently, an amazing video was shared on social media, where the little pup was spending his time with the little goats, who were also satisfied by their friendship.

When the puppy was first brought to the farm, he was a bit confused and shy, but after discovering how amazing his new friends were, he befriended with them.

Other dogs in the farm don’t pay attention to Lola, who is completely interested in goats and thinks he is one of them. He enjoys his free time and has fun with them, so the goats are his inseparable friends.

Enjoy the video! It’s quite attractive!

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