When the woman saw a bulldog born on the same day as her baby, she knew it was a sign and now they have the strongest bond  

No one can imagine how strongly these two babies are connected to each other.

We all know that dogs are considered humans’ best friends, but when they must deal with babies, they become more caring and attentive. There isn’t more fascinating thing than seeing a strong friendship between a pup and a baby.

Our today’s story will prove it. When a 25 years old woman named Ivette Ivens saw a newborn pup, that was born on the same day as her baby named Dilan, she decided to take the cutie without hesitation, being sure that his arrival would bring joy and happiness to their family.

And she was right… Since the first day the nice pup came to their family, a very strong friendship began to emerge between the dog and her baby boy. The little animal became his protector, who follows him everywhere. They love each other very much and enjoy their whole day together.

The mother’s favourite occupation is photographing, so she takes many fascinating pictures of her two babies, and shares them on social media attracting thousands of people from all over the world.

They are really cute!

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