When the men rescued a helpless creature, they thought it was a dog, but they were wrong. That’s amazing!

The poor creature, who was saved as a dog, later he turned out to be someone else.

 This amazing case took place in Estonia, when three workers named Rando Kartsepp, Robin Sillamäe, and Erki Väli noticed a poor animal in the frozen lake, and hurried to help it. They took him out of the water, dried and immediately took him to the car to warm him up. Because the weather was cold, the poor animal was covered with ice.

After it they connected with a rescue centre, who told them to take the animal to the vet, because he had some health problems. On the whole way to the vet clinic, the “dog” ( they thought it was a dog ) was quiet putting his head on one of the men’s arms. Only a moment he raised his head, looked at the man, then continued having a rest.

When they reached, the animal passed through several researches, but no one understood what it was in real, only a hunter said that it looked like a wolf, and after examining him carefully, he got sure that it was a male wolf, and would approximately be one year old. The rescuers who thought it was a dog, were confused.

Then this story was shared on social media, which amazed a great number of viewers and became quite famous. So it was a real challenge for the men who saved “a dog” which turned to be a wolf.

Now the wolf is under the strong care of the vets, and will stay there until he will be completely cured. After it he will be sent to his habitat.

Thanks to the brave men, skilled vets and those, who gave the cutie the second chance for living, one more creature was saved and had an opportunity to continue his carefree life.

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