When the family adopted a little cat, they never expected that it would become a huge creature. So interesting!  

The couple was amazed by the size of their “tiny kitten”. 

Meet Omar, the longest cat in the world, who was adopted by a caring couple, Stephy Hirst and her husband from Australia. When they first saw the cutie, she was so tiny and the couple brought her home as a little pet. But later an amazing thing happened that shocked the couple.

Omar began to grow so quickly and when she became so huge, the family knew that she was one of the biggest cats in the world, but after receiving a call from Guinness Records they were informed that their catty is the longest cat of the world.

After her photo was posted on the Internet, it became so famous and many people became her loving followers. Now her owners present her daily routine to her audience, who waits for a new post each day: what she eats, when she goes for walks and how she spends her days.

Although the enormous cat likes to sleep with her owners, she sleeps on the sofa, because there isn’t enough place on the couple’s bed. She likes to be caressed and hugged by her caring owners.

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