This old lady shares a wonderful moment with a giant grizzly bear

For this woman age has absolutely nothing to do with what she wants.

Despite the fact that she has just became 99 years old, the fabled Betty White looks more powerful and more joyful than ever.

In order to prove to everyone that age is just a matter of number, she also does a number of activities that commonly happens in teenagers.

One of the most eminent comics who ever existed in America, Betty White is also famous for her affection, which she always feeds animals.

Her love and attention to animals made her one of the most eminent defenders of animal rights. For more than 40 years, he worked as a free will at the Los Angeles Zoo and the Morris Animal Foundation.

From the smallest canine or puppy to huge bears, Betty has an affection to everyone from the bottom of her heart.

The old lady recently captured everyone’s heart with a charming moment she shared with a grizzly bear named Bam-Bam, an inhabitant of the Los Angeles Zoo:

Although this scene was the most delicious form of love that a human and a huge animal can share, Betty admits that she was very nervous at first.

“It was the worst thing I’ve ever done,” he said. It was truly amazing but at the same time a challenge. On the other hand, I’m actually the happiest old woman in the world. One part of my life is working in a qualification that I love, and the other part is working with animals.”

Everyone who is familiar with Betty says that she is just an admiring individual with a heart of gold. “I believe Betty White can charm a wild beast.

Although Betty always treats people with pride, honor and admiration, she has a much closer contact with animals than with people.”:

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