This kitty and his mother now are about to begin a route jointly.  

The rescued cat was on cloud nine that he could find a mother for a lifetime.  

The cat expressed it by hugging and licking her owner’s face when he first time met her, and he never gives up to put into word his love and gratitude for her.

A ginger cat named Honeycake had a rocky launch in life, could overcome an extremely horrific act caused by his ex-family. His owner placed him in a garbage pocket with his younger brothers and threw him out of a moving car when he was a little canine.

Luckily, the Good Samaritan noticed what was going on and helped the canines by taking them to a local haven.

However, the canines were taken to an orphanage with an affiliation limit or they would be killed. When the canine’s sad state became known, the Michigan Cat Rescue Organization made a decision to rescue him and suggest him a second shot.

They brought him to their facility and began looking for a suitable home for Honeycake and for that he was truly grateful.

The cute redhead regularly looked forward to the arrival of one who would take him home and give him an improved life.

After passing months at the orphanage, Honeycake is reunited with his prolonged lost love, Nurse Renee. The woman speedily got the idea that this was the right kitty for her and made up her mind to take him home with her.

The kitty seemed to know what was happening and decided to tighten up to her as well as hugged and kissed her in order to manifest his appreciation.

Michigan Cat Rescue staff posted on Facebook:

The kitty launches a new life from now on with a lady Renee. She is a beautiful woman who from now on guarantees Honeycake (now Finnegan) only love and kisses.

This young man loves to hug his owner. This is his preferred amusement, but most importantly, he got home.

Now Finnegan has the opportunity to enjoy his new life without his miserable past, due to the efforts of those who helped to save him.

The cute kitty will live a lifetime accompanied by his admiring mother, Renne, who always cares about his welfare.


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