This adorable doggy with a floppy tongue is so entertaining, but he had a heartbreaking past. So touching!

This rescued dog will attract you with his funny look and his exciting story.

Meet Toast, the cutest dog ever, who has a floppy tongue, which is so funny, but after hearing his touching story, your heart will be melted.

In 2011 the rescuers saved the cutie from a puppy mill. It’s awful to hear there are such heartless people in our world, that treat poor dogs as a product, while they must protect them from danger and take care about them.

Toast also suffered from humans’ heartless actions, because of which he lost all his teeth. That’s why his tongue always hangs from his mouth, but this doesn’t disturb him to eat whatever he wants.

Now this beauty enjoys his life with his caring owners. He even has an Instagram page and attracts a large number of viewers with his fascinating photos.

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