The woman noticed a dog trying to pick up something lying on the road, and what she did was so humane

The woman couldn’t ignore the helpless dog leaning over a wall.

Once a woman named Claire Cummings noticed something lying on the road: it was a stuffed pig, which definitely belonged to someone.
Then she noticed a dog on the wall who was trying to take the toy: it was probably its lovely toy.

The woman couldn’t understand why the dog didn’t jump over the wall and took it, but there was something obvious: the cutie needed help. So the woman hurried to give the toy to its owner, and there is no need to describe the dog’s happiness.

The satisfied animal was looking at the woman with gratitude, as it wanted to hug her for her kindness.

The woman was also very happy and pleased with her humane action. She returned to her car and drove away.

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