The story of a unique girl with Down syndrome: how she is adopted by single father

There are the ones who refuse unique kids while making someone else happy by having them.

The story of this beautiful family of two stated when little Alba, who was only 13 days old, was rejected by 20 foster families.

The choice of all these people not to accept a unique little girl was fortunate for 41-year-old Italian man named Luca Trapanese.

When he filled out the adoption documentations, Luca did not really believe that social services would let him to be the official father of Alba, since in the country where he comes from, it is not ordinary for a single gay person to be a guardian.

But since all these families did not want to affiliate a child with Down syndrome, and Luca was very happy to have one in his life, he affiliated Alba and became his official parent.

The moment he welcomed cute Alba into his life, he turned into the happiest person on Earth.

Telling about his daughter and his business, he said it was special because it „breaks standards about fatherhood, religion and family.“

The father-daughter route began in 2017, and since then, they have attracted lots of hearts.

Luca is a man with a heart of gold. Over the years, she has taken part in various social programs and has worked as a freewill in various companies that assist people with special needs find their place in society. Among others, he was a member of the ‘A Ruota Libera Foundation’, which provided assistance to kids having Down syndrome.

This was one of the reasons why Luca wanted to affiliate a kid having Down Syndrome, not taking into account the fact that he did not have a partner.

Completing an affiliation has been a hard process as affiliation agencies favor „traditional“ families over non-traditional families.

“For me, having a child with a disability is not a secondary choice, but a conscious choice connected to my qualification and my abilities,” Luca said. Alba is a happy kid with a bright personality.

She loves to be around people, loves to play and dance.

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