The story about the hardships of the two inseparable animals

Never stop hoping that one day the long-awaited meeting will take place.

A dachshund OJ and a pit bull Dozer are respectively 12 and 6 years old.

They have an exceptional bond. They are always together and Dozer even sponsored OJ because the kid is absolutely blind.

OJ was living together with a generous woman when the latter made a decision to take a pit bull from a haven.

From that day on, a fellowship developed between the two.

Sadly, the owner of the dogs was deprived of her home as well as job and had to wander the streets…

She was just not able to take care of two animals, so she took them to haven on the verge of tears.

She asked not to separate the pets, as they are very connected with each other.

The haven personnel accepted the woman’s desire and instantly gave two dogs to a new family.

But after a short time, a local inhabitant detected a dachshund strolling along a country road that was 100 miles far from his home.

The man carried him to a haven thinking that OJ is just a homeless animal, not a pet.

Using a microchip, the employees of the center found out the owner of the dog and contacted her.

The woman refused to admit the dog, wanting to leave him in a haven. And she didn’t want to abandon Dozer.

But how to separate animals that are so closely related?

The story of the two dogs became popular on the Internet and it was interesting for people if the meeting of the pets will ever take place.

Eventually, after spending several hours persuading the woman, the latter agreed to admit Dozer.

OJ and Dozer were on cloud nine to be with each other again after a long separation. They jumped and wagged their tails all the time in greeting.

Now the dogs are again in a haven, and in the near future, they will not be affiliated.

The story of the pair is not finished yet.

Soon, the haven personnel will start searches in order to find a family for them again. But this time, the possible owners will be asked to sign a paper that will ban the separation of these pets.

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