The small kitten and a puppy were leftover, hungry and simply without help

A sad story of tow abandoned animals, that don’t have a place to go

It’s sad, that when the cat didn’t have to choice to be born or not, it simply becomes a stray one. As they weren’t beautiful or cute, no one wanted to help them. And as a result no one wants to be sheltered as a second child.

Having no food and happiness in life and also when it rains and thunders, it’s hard for them, as they don’t have a place to go. They only live with food leftovers under the sun.

The heartbreaking story of a stray cat and a dog was posted on Facebook to assist help for the leftover dogs and cats in the street.

Someone wrote, that she is still twenty years old and is unable to support herself. But she carried the cute cat and dog home, that hold each other firmly, with a lot of food.

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