The photo series of the Indian gigantic squirrel who is too adorable to be real

The incredibly beautiful squirrel

Once a squirrel professional named John Koprowski first met the Malagar or as it is also called Indian huge squirrel, he was literally amazed.

The wonderful creature was so huge that the professional first thought that it was a primate, not a squirrel.

But the man was not amazed only by the creature’s size, but also by his unique colors.

The fur of these wonderful animals can be of black, orange, maroon, brown, and purple colors.

Their are unique especially with their maroon and purple fur colors.

Their diet is based on fruits, nuts, tree bark and flowers. But there are also some subspecies that can eat insects and bird eggs as well.

Indian huge squirrels barely walk on the ground.

Fortunately, they aren’t endangered, but they should be protected in order not to get extinct.

It is not that much possible to see these furry wonders everywhere, so, you should travel to India for this reason.

But it is surely worth seeing these incredibly beautiful creatures, because they greatly differ from the usual squirrels!

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