The owners of the missing dog in Hampton never lost their hope of finding him

The happy ending of a family and their lost dogs

Tow Bernese mountain dogs have returned home to their Hampton family after being away for a month.

“I was crying of happiness after seeing put two dogs Abby and Mabel reuniting with our sons. We never lost hope. It turned out, that our world is complete again.”

On July 17 Abby and her puppy Mabel were frightened of fireworks and ran away.

The family called local animal shelters, veterinary clinics, and even published the photos of their pets on social media with the hope of finding them.

Bradley called Abby and Mabel “the largest lap dog on earth” and told, that they are a part of their family and they missed them very much.

After weeks of waiting for some information about them, the family received a call from a Team Chelsea administration on August 30. They told Bradley, that they may have found their dogs and provided her photos to help identify them.

“We immediately understood it was Abby and Mabel. They looked good and in excellent health.”

The dogs had gone from Hampton to Maple. Abby and Mabel were found by a woman, who kept them in her barn at night. When Bradley called her the woman was very happy to be reunited the family with their dogs.

Immediately after the police call Bradley’s husband and son went to take the dogs. The dogs kelp running to them as soon as they called their names.

“They were in the car on the way home. They were very tired, but happy to be back home. We are grateful to all the people, who assisted us in reuniting with out dogs.”

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