The owner of this nice doggy had to leave him at the shelter, but it was a difficult choice for him  

The poor animal was given to the shelter, but he stayed there only one day. 

There are many helpless creatures in our world, that need human help. Many of them are abandoned by their owners for some reasons, while others are born on the street. Many people just throw them away without thinking about the consequences, while there are a great number of kind people who want to have such beautiful animals at their home.

There are many important organisations that deal with animals, in order to take care about them. MCCAC West Adoptable Dogs is one of them, which has the kindest staff ever.

Recently, they had a cute guest, a 6 years old doggy named Wall-E, who was abandoned by his owners, because they couldn’t take care about him anymore.

But don’t criticise his owners without knowing the whole story.

Giving Wall-E to the shelter was the most difficult choice the family had ever made. They were crying and it was really difficult for them to be divided from their lovely animal.

The staff was also excited by the cutie’s story. Later they explained that the dog’s owners didn’t have much time to spend with their pet, so most of the day he stayed in his kennel. It would be better for the dog to find more caring and attentive family.

The staff immediately shared his story on social media and there is no need to say that it collected thousands of views and many people got interested in it.

Fortunately, Wall-E found his loving and caring family just the next day, who attracted his owners with his kind eyes. When they saw his post on Facebook, hurried to the shelter to adopt the cutie.

Now Wall-E has a carefree life next to the kindhearted people. They are very caring and attentive towards their lovely pet and provide him everything he needs.

They always post many interesting photos and videos of the dog to show the humanity that the cutie is in the safe hands.

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