The orphaned canine was the consolation of the cat who lost her newborn kids

Another reason to believe that the maternal instinct is a powerful phenomenon.

Meet Flame, an ill canine who was transferred to the Humane Society of Atlanta (AHS) and needed a wonder to outlive, and that wonder happened in the form of Amber, a very unique mother cat.

Just a week before Mother’s Day, an elderly cat suffered a catastrophe when all her newborn canines died.

“She lost all her kids but not maternal feeling,” AHS director of marketing and communications Christina Hill, told The Dodo.

So, when it came time for Amber to meet the ill canine Flame, it was no wonder that she began treating the tiny one with love.

“Putting her and the ill canine together was the best decision for both of them,” Hill told Bored Panda. “The distraught mother instantly went up to the small canine, licked her, hugged her, and gave her to feed.”

Both mother and canine are in a foster family and will soon be affiliated. “It would be just great if they could be affiliated together,” Hill said.

“They’ll love it. And the duo of cats is always better than one.”

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