The orphaned baby elephant could befriend with other elephants, but he chose another unusual friend

This baby elephant has found something in common with a caring ostrich.

There can be a real friendship between unlike animals, and our today’s story proves this fact.

Meet Jotto, one month old baby elephant, who lost his mommy after falling in the well. He was noticed by David Shelldrick Wildlife Trust and was taken to the elephant orphanage, where he had to stay until becoming completely healthy.

Although there were many orphaned elephants at the shelter, Jotto found his comfort with a caring ostrich named Pea.

Pea is a rescued animal, too, who was brought to the shelter with his brother named Pod in 2014 and since then he lives there. Pod was sent to his habitat again, after being cured, while Pea continues to live with elephants and he feels great there.

It is right to say, that Pea thinks he is one of the elephants and got used to live with them. As for Jotto, he likes to be loved and caressed by his ostrich friend and they two enjoy their carefree lives at the shelter.

It’s important to note that what the shelters do for our wildlife is really indescribable. They save and protect helpless animals from any danger, give them the second chance for living and after treating them completely, send them to their habitats.

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