The most amazing guinea pigs on the Internet: Booboo and her friends

The cutest pictures of guinea pigs, that like being photographed 

This is Booboo, a sweet guinea pig, that became the muse of a photographer named “Lieveheerbeestje”. The pictures taken by her are like professional shots for a fashion magazine Guinea Pig Vogue magazine: they were captured wearing hipster glasses, bathing in pink tubs, wearing fluffy rabbit ears and wearing ribbons in their hair.

Guinea Pigs are friendly pets, that can be both as big as a dog and as small as a rat.

Booboo weights a kilo and is about 2 years old. Her beloved food is chicory and carrots and she spends her days eating, sleeping and posing for the camera.

When the photographer was asked how she manages to capture them sitting still, she explained, that her animals are really calm. She told: “They just don’t move a lot in front of the camera, and I think I am lucky with that.”

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