The men provided mother cat and her canines with food as well as family

Two men decided to provide an unhoused cat with food.

They laid out food for the baby and then left because she was obviously very scared and shy to eat in front of them.

It became an ordinary phenomenon which lasted for several months. Over time, the cat became less shy in the presence of people.

Then the cat amazed the guys one day by carrying canines with her. As a result, the men spent almost an hour or so gaining all the furry ones as they weren’t going to allow these canines grow up outside, regardless of fact that they had a wonderful mother!

Two gentlemen decided to carry the mother and canines inside. In the beginning, it was not an easy matter, because none of the canines had a desire to leave their boxes.

It seemed like they were just sitting there, not knowing what to do. After all, they appeared one after another, and soon they were flying and having fun, as the canines usually do.

The whole family was secure, so the men went to search for canines and their adorable mother a place to live!

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