“The fish of the lifetime” A unique all white shark was discovered

An unusual shark, that was all white

The first in the world albino shark was discovered off the coast of Britain, near the Isle of Wight.

A man named Jason Gillespie was fishing in the region, he noticed a three-foot size shark.

The man told, that he had been fishing for the past 30 years and during the time he had never seen anything like this. It was one-in-a-lifetime catch.

The tope shark has lost his pigmentation because of an illness called Leucism.  This happens, when some or all pigments fail to form during differentiation and this results in a lack of cells, that are producing pigmentation on some parts of the body or all of the body surface.

The man told, that he had heard of a man, that caught one last year, but it was smaller. He thinks, that the animal is able to struggle as he didn’t have the same colouring.

“As they are protected species, we un hook them to the water. When I noticed him I knew, that I should get her in order to take some pictures.”

The man freed the shark back to the ocean after photographing to it.


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