The dog who was once sick and sad now is in a good state and cute  

Due to the studious work of rescuers animals are as safe as possible.

The little dog was going through a very hard period in his life. The pup was covered in feces in a metallic cabin. A puppy was rejected as well.

And the case is so upsetting…

But eventually, the pup was rescued from danger by the Detroit Pit Team Rescue Service.

Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue shared a post on Facebook: “We got an urgent call tonight about a puppy who was in a metallic cabin covered in feces.

Our team instantly called for assistance from our friends at the Detroit Police Department’s Sixth Precinct, and within a few minutes they arrived at the place and brought the puppy for us.“

The poor dog looked so upset and denied. Therefore, the puppy was sent to the veterinary clinic.

The Detroit Pit Crew is very grateful to the „DPD brave workers who do everything possible for the puppies.“

Currently, the pup Bessie is in a good state and handsome again.

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