The cat, who travels a lot, is usually greeted as if he were a dog

An extraordinary big cat, that seemed to be a dog from the distance

Many cat owners want to have a cute cat, and especially when it is fat. If the owners love and care for the cat extremely well, it may make our pets too cute.

A facebook user “Nung Manne” commented on a cat post: who told Leo was a dog? The cat in the photo has big, white hair and if you look at it from a distance it seems to be a dog.

The owner told, that he took her big cat for a walk and when the next door neighbour saw the cat he was taken aback saying why the cat was so large.

When the cat understood, that the human told, that he was a dog, he made a face at that human. Don’t ever describe Leo as a dog. The story quickly became popular on the Internet, and many people commented, that the cat in no longer a cat, it looks most like a dog.

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