The cat is unique, although he had some difficulties connected with his legs

The cute cat without legs, that lives a good life

Animals are like humans and they need love and care. When we bring them to our house they become our family members and this will only understand people, who have a pet in their house. Cat owners can assure, that these amazing animals are emotionally connected.

Cats are very sensitive and they can understand fear, love, attention, grief and loneliness and also the attention, that they gain. And many species rely on these abilities to live.

Like in this story about Phikluk’s mother’a love and happiness, when her baby can live a normal life. It’s a story about one unique cat, that is extremely powerful. Even not having four legs, that are given by nature, there were no obstacles with so many skills.

Mother’s love is so strong, that it will encourage its kid, no matter animal or human by what has happened. No matter it’s people or animals, our planet will become a little better if we all help, respect and be kind to each other.


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