She prefers to behave like humans: the unique behavior of Pogo

The story about a dog with a peculiar behavior.

If you’re standing on West Street in downtown Raleigh, you’ll notice a dog not similar to any other.

The off-leash dog bar/dog day is commonly full of funny puppies playing with each other, but Pogo has neither.

The 4-year-old American Bulldog/Boxer mix choses to stay out of a fight by sitting like a human on a bar stool. From his seat Pogo can observe and judge his friends’ dogs.

And he’s not impressed.

A video of Pogo in action became popular this week and people have a lot of opinions about why Pogo rejects to communicate with other dogs. Some suggest that he is an introvert, while others suggest that he may just not like dogs.

But whatever the reason, as reported by the video poster. “This chick is a total mood!”

Pogo’s mother named Grace Wheeler, who works on West Street, brings her rescued puppy to work every day. She has her own idea when it comes to Pogo’s pompous behavior.

“When he climbs on chairs, we guess it’s the way he allows other dogs know that he considers him better than they are,” Wheeler told The Dodo. “I’ve worked at several nurseries and he’s always climbing on stools or anything which is for humans. She is our little judge queen.”

But Pogo doesn’t just sit like a human, he takes on many other weird human forms.

“He likes to curl up in bed as a human, sit on things (chairs, bar, benches, sometimes in public),” Wheeler said. “He loves to drive and will stick his elbow out of the window like a human (which seems to be for him). He loves people more than dogs.”

Pogo’s unique behavior draws a lot of attention at the dog bar, which he gladly soaks up. “He has a lot of fans,” Wheeler said. “We shard him on Instagram West Street and people keep looking for him.”

Despite Pogo not being obsessed with playing with other dogs, his mother loves him for being a special puppy. “She causes nothing except love and happiness to us and everyone she comes in contact with,” Wheeler said.

And Pogo will go after his mom anywhere she goes as long as there’s a porch to keep him far from the ruff.

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