People found 13 near death dogs at a breeding farm and now they are adopted by the King of Thailand

Pure dogs, that were starving for weeks because of their owner

The owner of the breeding facility in central Thailand was abandoned by its owner and the Thai authorities knew about this incident. When help arrived 13 Great Danes were found in cages. It was obvious, that the dogs were starving and looked a real skeletons. The owner of the house abandoned the house and the dogs a few weeks ago, as she thought she couldn’t afford to feed them. The volunteers freed all the pets from the cages.

As they hadn’t eaten for days, some of them even couldn’t stand. They placed all the 13 dogs into the car and sent them to the nearest clinic.

First time in many weeks they were examined. Although each of them had severe malnutrition  it didn’t stop the Kind Rama X. When he knew about the dog he immediately wanted to take care of them and pay for their treatment, food and so on.

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