Only one day old and already trying to jump: the video of the goats learning to jump is really fascinating

These newborn goats are trying to jump for the first time. So nice!

4 newborn goats named Gershwin, Butterscotch, Marigold, and Bruno, that were only one day old, were trying to jump for the first time. The scene was very cute and it captured on camera.

Their owners said that if the babies learnt how to hop just a day after their births, they would become experts after a short time.

The most fascinating thing of the video is the sweaters that the cuties are wearing. Their owners explained it that it’s quite comfortable for the newborns to wear sweaters especially in cold days, they would be warm and protected, and also the mommy goat couldn’t distinguish her babies, so they wore different colored clothes to distinguish themselves from each other.

They stay at Sunflower Farm, which is quite different from other organisations and it doesn’t keep animals for trade, like others. It takes care about them in order to protect them from danger, while others kill them just the moment they stop receiving money for them.

In the farm the staff behaves them as “queens” and after some time they will take yoga classes with them, which will allow the goats to enjoy their lives whatever they want.

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