Only his flawless appearance can make you fall in love with this creature  

It’s just a pleasure to look at this wonderful creature.

It is uncommon to discover a person who is fond of such a hazardous mammal as a tiger.

Regardless of the fact that they are quite frightening, there definitely exist people who are fond of this animal because of their wonderful fur.

So, if you are frightened of these large cats, you can surely love tinier ones such as Bengal cats.

Look at this wonder. Does it similar to a tiger? But this one is not hazardous, moreover, everyone will be pleased to have a pet like this at home.

It was Thor who attracted many with his magic. This Bengal animal has become a Facebook and Instagram celebrity. He is so popular that more than 220.000 users follow him.

Pay attention to the green eyes of this adorable creature. Everyone will be pleased to have a beautiful animal like him at home. How lucky are the owners of this wonder?

This Bengal cat has an exceptional coat with black and orange layers and green eyes. Excellent!

Only his flawless appearance can make you fall in love with this creature. And how beautifully he plays and moves very energetically. Of course, he loves to rub his stomach, like any other pet in the world.

These Bengal cats are not only wonderful but also quite clever, sober as well as confident. They commonly have a medium size, although they can be larger.

If you look at the shots of Thor, you can see that there is not only an ordinary cat but a great model as well.

Who has a desire to be this cat’s owner? It’s just amazing to look at him.

Last year, while celebrating his 7th birthday, Thor got a variety of comments as well as nice words. So many followers expressed their admiration and ardent love for this beauty.

Thor definitely is worth that kind of attention.

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