On their anniversary the boy donated his beloved a special gift making her so happy

The girl didn’t expect that she would get such an amazing gift from her lover.

When Kanoa Jung and Simon started to date, Simon always sent to his beloved interesting photos of dogs he met, because it always made her happy.

Jung has a wonderful doggy named Ellie which is Simon’s favourite, too and he loves the baby as much as Jung.

So on their 7 months anniversary Simon decided to donate a very special gift to the girl which would be both amazing and crazy.

He sent very beautiful flowers, but in an unusual shape.

It was in the shape of Ellie, which seemed to be a real dog. The bouquet was really fantastic and it made Jung so happy.

When the girl put the bouquet next to the dog, they were really like to each other.

How creative Simon was, he filled his lover’s day with happiness.

In this way he wanted to show that Ellie was also very important for him, and he took care about both Jung and her lovely dog.
It was really a wonderful gift!


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