In exchange for home and warmth, dogs saved their owner’s life  

The devotion of dogs is priceless.

 The man visited the haven, where he met two pit bulls rejected by their owners. The animals were so upset, so he decided to take them home.

At that time, the man did not yet know that this deed would help him outlive a little later.

Two dogs named Ellabelle and Ladybug are in serious trouble. These charming animals were rejected by their owners, but then by chance, they appeared together in one haven.

They were quite frightened and had no desire to communicate with the volunteers, but one day all this changed.

A man named Robert McGowan visited the haven. He was searching for a fellow and became aware of the story of these dogs.

When the man met these two dogs, he realized he has a desire to take two pit bulls instead of the one that he had planned.

They instantly became fellows and passed the majority of their time together. Definitely, it took some time for the dogs to get used to the new atmosphere, but they shortly expressed their gratitude completely.

One day, Robert was fixing a car in a garage when four people burst in.

One of them hit the man in the face and required the car keys. Robert answered that the keys were at home.

Three invaders remained with him, and one entered the house for the keys.

But his faithful pets were already waiting for him inside.

They chased the invader and then ran out through the open door and attacked the others.

The attackers were not injured, but rapidly realized that they could not resist two angry dogs, so they fled the scene of the crime.

Robert had only a black eye, although this could have ended terribly.

The man provided the animals with home, care, and warmth.

This was enough for them to attack a crowd of aggressive people self-sacrificing, without paying attention to their own lives.

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