Husky was all alone and he went across the street to meet a dog living next door

The new inseparable friends living next door

This is Messy. He’s a sociable and cute puppy. He lives in Thailand with his owner named Oranit Kittragul.

His owner wasn’t the only one, who likes the dog’s interests. A husky living next door has just became his new best friend.

Audi, a mixed breed, spends most of his time home alone, according to Orani Kittragul. His owner goes to work early in the morning and comes home late at night. When the dog is left alone, he often hears his cry.

„When he’s lonely and crying, I usually ask my dog to come and talk to him,“ Oranit explained. “My puppy just looks at me and sometimes barks at the Audi. Although I have no idea what they are discussing, but he immediately clams down.”

And then he came to our house one day:

Audi had a big chance to go to his friend, when his owner forgot to lock the gate one day and he immediately jumped out to hug Messy.

“He rushed to my pet and they hugged.”

What a wonderful story!

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