How the wedding became unforgettable thanks to this royal cat

Instead of the newlyweds, this cat was at the center of attention for his behavior.

Technically, it was a great day for the bride and groom. Their diligent work eventually resulted in what they imagined was to have an unforgettable wedding.

But these are not the happy newlyweds that everyone is talking about on this day.

They mean Moose, the perfect bearer of the couple’s rings.

Instead of leaving their favorite pet out of the wedding celebrations, the couple all of a sudden made a decision to hand him a remarkable role and be confident he looks the part.

While there was no doubt many stylish attendees at the ceremony, Moose definitely stole the show with his tiny collar and tie. Then he conquered the Internet as well.

Moose’s human guard shared a shot of a cute cat at a wedding that immediately gained popularity.

It didn’t take long for users to discover Moose’s royal behavior, noting that despite being a cat at the wedding, he seemed above it all.

“I have a feeling like I owe this cat money,” one Twitter user wrote.

Someone else went ahead and made suitable fittings to Moose’s shot.

Moose converted from a common pet into a real internet celebrity instantly.

It’s hard to say how the newlyweds feel about the fact that the bearer of the ring relegated them to the background, but their special day will be remembered for a long time, thanks in large part to this elegant cat.

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