Fortunately, everything went well: the restored sight doubled this dog’s joy  

It’s a touching moment when a rejected as well as a blind pit bull, being ignored all her life, eventually found a permanent home.

But as soon as her sight was restored, her joy duplicated.

The moment she meets her adoptive parents for the first time is truly heartening.

The two generous people named Elli and Sam who became Hazel’s adoptive parents did everything possible in order to make their home suitable for the blind dog so that she could roam without harming herself.

And their efforts paid off as Hazel soon showed good development.

But they were eager to find her a permanent caring home, as they were Hazel’s provisional guardians who truly look after her properly with great warmth and fondness.

Out of the blue, the generous couple succeeded.

Not so long after, the generous couple Alison and Pete became fond of this charming dog.

They noticed the message about Hazel and made a decision to affiliate her instantly.

When the couple was about to take Hazel home, the latter was about to undergo eye surgery.

Luckily, the operation went well. The new family was ready to help the charming dog make a full recovery.

After Hazel had her sight, her new adoptive family visited Hazel’s former adoptive parents in order the for dog to see them, after all, the generous people who were so kind to her.

Her reaction was so touching that she wanted to express a big gratitude.

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