Black cats don’t mean bad luck, it’s just superstitions

Some signs meaning bad luck

Usually when a black cat crosses your way, especially on Friday the 13th you think this means bad luck. But it comes from the family, as some of them are more superstitious, than others. Such people think, that if the mirror in their house breaks this means they will have bad luck for the next 7 years. And some think, that putting a bag on the floor will drain your money of a wallet.

The aim of this photographer is showing, that black cats don’t bring bad luck. This series of photos consists of 13 cat photos. They show these cats not only in a good way, when they are willing to play, but also when they are conquerors and vultures. Their aim is to show, that they don’t differ from other cats fur colour. They are all the same sweet cats.

On Friday the 13th you may wait for bad luck.

If you give someone a cactus, it means you’ll bring them misery.

Breaking a mirror means 7 years of misery.

Poring salt means an argument.

If you put your bag on the floor it will make your money run away from your wallet.

Putting bread upside down means bad luck and misfortune.

Poured coffee on a saucer means bad luck.

A falling folk means hungry guests.

If you drop a soap from your hands it means expect unexpected.

Misery loves company.

Putting shoes on the table will bring your home hunger and poverty.

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