An accident with a good termination: the rescuers acted devotedly to rescue the dog

Thanks to compassionate and devoted rescuers, many accidents will have such a good termination.

Animal Aid Unlimited saved a dog from the ground of a channel in India. A passer-by from a near country suddenly heard the noises of dog and called the animal protection organization.  A team of six people acted together to save this dog.

A woman from a village near Udaipur, India, was out for a walk when she heard a high-pitched scream. She went in the direction of the sound. It was then that he realized that a dog was stuck at the ground of the old channel.

The more the woman looked at the channel, the more despairing the situation seemed.

When the woman expressly saw the dog at the ground of the channel, she realized that she was not able to rescue the dog. She then speedily called Animal Aid Unlimited for help.

Animal Aid Unlimited is a group which consist of animal care specialists. They regularly rescue animals in difficult cases. The peasant could not have called for a more devoted and experienced group of rescuers.

An animal rescue team of six people speedily left for the scene. The team speedily evaluated the situation. Then they took the appliances needed from a nearby truck in order to rescue the dog.

One member of the team was chosen to descend into the channel. Teammates helped him tie him up and provide him with a rope. Before heading to the channel, he quickly pulled on the rope, making sure it was secure.

After a rapid security check, one of the team members descended into the channel. His teammates were waiting at the top of the channel, holding securely to the rope. As he gradually descended, the dog began to bark thus expressing help.

When the man reached the ground of the channel, the dog waved his tail wildly and barked. The dog was glad to see him and was ready to get out of the channel again. When she took the dog and covered him in a blanket, it was clear that he knew that everything was going to a happy termination.

When the newly saved dog climbed into the channel, he felt relieved because he believed this guardian. When he reached the surface, this enthusiastic dog was welcomed by remaining five animal guardian angels. Everyone was sincerely delighted and spent a good time petting the dog.

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