A woman was having a nice walk with her dog, when she found something heartbreaking. She was so excited!

What the woman found while walking with her dog excited her.

It was a nice day, when a woman named Kayley Drewitt decided to go for a walk with her doggy without expecting what would happen with them.

She saw a box on the ground, approached it to find out what it was.

When the woman wanted to open the box, she noticed a note on it, and after reading it her heart was melted.

It was really exciting! She hadn’t seen such a thing before.

On the box it was written: “I am too old to play with my favorite tennis balls now. But it would make me very happy to know that some younger doggies would have fun with them. Love from Jarvis.”

The woman was very confused and she didn’t know what to do, but instead of her, Kayley, her cute dog, knew what to do. He stuck his head in the box and took a ball out of it and began to play with it.

The woman captured the moment and shared it on social media, which became quite famous and excited a great number of people.

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