A very sensible case: the rabbit affiliated and looked after the homeless pups

Animals being endowed with infinite care is an inexplicable phenomenon.

A Russian woman whose name was Margarita Startseva on one occasion noticed a large hollow next to her house.

While she was coming, a rabbit jumped out of the hollow.

Margarita realized that the rabbit had dispersed from a ranch which was three kilometers far from the village.

By all accounts, this rabbit dug a hollow and located next to her house.

The woman started to feed the rabbit, who readily accepted the hospitality.

The rabbit lived carefree in a hollow, and that was all he needed.

One wintry day, Margarita saw a grand dog near the hollow.

She was frightened for the life of long-eared. But she was amazed when she discovered a dog and a rabbit both hiding in a hollow.

Shortly, looking into the hollow, the woman saw little puppies there.

The woman started to worry additionally. The animal family has grown.

Presently she fed not only the rabbit, but the pups as well. One day the dog didn’t return. Then the woman discovered that she had been shot.

After the despair, a big-eared looked after the pups.

He followed the pups, not assuming them out of the hollow, licked them and drove away weird cats.

Heating the pups and defending them from misfortune, the rabbit did not allow them die in severe frosts.

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