A sweet penguin went to the supermarket in Japan to buy his beloved fish

A cute penguin walking in the streets in Japan

This is Lala, a kind penguin, that moved from his cold country to a hod town in Japan, where he lived as a human family member. During the day he left his air-conditioned room and went to the fish market to buy a mackerel snack and wore a penguin-shaped backpack.

And how did Lala appear in Japan? He was stuck in a fishing net and broke his head and leg. Lala was found by a fisherman, who took him to his boat. When the fisherman returned she gave the amazing bird to Nishimato family. He was completely recovered and his injuries were treated. Lala’s career built a refrigerator room foe him under their house and he never left them.

Lala’s trip to the market was captured and made a sweet video in the 1990s. Lala was seen having his best life with his family after the interesting excursion, scratching beneath his chin.

Unfortunately Lala was killed in a car accident in 1998. But his memory continues to live on because of his video.

Watch this sweet video if a cute penguin named Lala walking the streets of Japan.

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