A sweet cat breaks the fashion show and starts a flight with the models

A beautiful model on a catwalk

In fact it called a catwalk.

A real cat decided to enter the stage during the fashion week in Turkey, it stole not only the show, but everyone’s hearts. Using force.

Although it id hard to impress people working in the fashion industry, they really didn’t expect such a thing at the Esmod International Fashion Show in Istanbul. The cat entered the catwalk and got much attention, than the show.

The designer named Göksen Hakk Ali told, that all the people were amazed.

It was unknown from where the cat  came from, but his aim was clear. She entered the podium to attract everyone’s attention and interest. According to her cute little attacks on passing models, she didn’t insist on sharing.

She may need to be a little calmer on stage, but she walked down the runaway perfectly. Was it possible to engage cats in the fashion? Hakk Ali told, that it wasn’t an impossible thing.

She responded like “why not?”

It’s difficult not to notice such a talent.

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