A saved tiger, lion and bear became close and very strong friends

A strong connection between a bear, lion and a tiger

It’s normal to see a friendship between a cat and a dog, or a dog and a fox. But the friendship between a lion, a bear and a tiger is really extraordinary. We thought it wasn’t possible as they are of different species. But it is possible and our story is about such amazing animals strong connection.

All of these were saved animals, that lived together despite being of different species. Their friendship shows, that the friendship is possible in any situation. These animals were saved from their owner, who treated them badly. All of them were very weak, suffered from the lack of proper nutrition and parasites infection.

Their health condition is very bad. The black bear, named Baloo was stuck in a harness, that had cut his skin.

The authorities established the Georgia Department of Natural Resources to help these cute animals find a new loving home. These three were assisted by a rescue organisation. They were still recovering from the trauma of what they had gone through. The animals recovered thank to the shelter staff.

They started to play with each other. They quickly became inseparable and formed a strong connection. They remained with each other during the hard times, that is why their friendship was so strong.

Baloo was very confident and trusting, Shere khan was a prankster and Leo was an extrovert. They lived together for 15 years. They were very kind with each other during the time.

But unfortunately Leo was diagnosed with a cancer and passed away very quickly. Shere Khan passed away in 2018, only Baloo is still alive and lived in a refugee.

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