A saved dog surprises staff with his sweetest smile

The most sociable animal in the world

Cheech was found in the streets of Texas, taken to the huge shelter and than transported into another shelter, that was just opened.

Some staff members allowed the baby to be bullied unintentionally. But he surprised all of them. The little baby gave a big smile to his saviours and they all looked at him amazed!

The shelter director Leah Sipe went to see him. “I went into the kennel to check him out and called for everyone to come look.”

“I told them not to move as he was snarling, than I put my hand in the kennel and gave them permission to come in. He’s the most sociable animal you’ll ever meet!”

Cheech’s photo was published on Facebook in the hope of finding him a permanent home, and it was successful.

He was adopted by a woman, who lost her cat recently and wanted a new friend for her other dog, Dusty.

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