A poor dog Maggie now just thrives and lives a perfect life

A 5-years-old dog Maggie was spotted in Lebanon.

Unfortunately, his ears were cut off, his eyes gouged out and his jaw was broken. When the puppy was found, she was expecting a baby and was stuck on cardboard alone.

Fortunately, the story doesn’t end there. The Wild at Heart Foundation became aware of the poor dog and was taken to Brighton House by an animal lover. The man’s name is Kasey.

The cute dog feels alright after being photographed 17 times and left alone on the street. The pup is now being used as a therapy dog ​​and has a huge number of followers on Instagram.

Kasey reported to The Argus that when a man shared a photo of a dog from Lebanon expecting people to help the dog, a woman from London noticed the post and suggested her support.

The “wild at heart” said they would help with the dog, although it is not an easy matter to bring animals from Lebanon.

Her mom noticed Maggie’s post and made up her mind to affiliate a pup. He came home and after noticing the photos of the pup decided to affiliate her.

What occurred to Maggie was horrific and terrifying, but if the dog’s story can teach and motivate others in this case, we can add some shine and light to this brutal world.

Maggie is an ordinary dog like others, she behaves normally, although has health problems.

The owner of the pup said that she is talented and brilliant. She is very energetic and playful. She always leads her master.

After overcoming a lot of trouble, she is not brutal, she just became powerful and doesn’t hurt anyone because she is so caring.

Maggie is just spreading warmth and care and luckily, she is now happy and lives a perfect life.

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