A little boy chose a fat cat to adopt from the shelter

A shy cat, that immediately became inseparable with his new owner

A small bot from Canada was told, that he is free to chose any animal he wanted from the shelter. His decision went on a puppy and a cat and the following Facebook post made people crazy.

Easton went to the shelter to adopt a new pet and he chose a big, orange, old cat.

The two cats named Tiny and Trinity were living in the Exploits Valley SPCA shelter and were just adopted. Their owners had to take them to the shelter because of sad and unexpected circumstances so they can find new homes.

The shelter staff immediately posted these two kittens photos on their Facebook page to help them find a permanent home. But it would be difficult, as they were old and Tiny was very fat and big.

“Tiny didn’t eat very much, but he is “weight challenged” and has a big round tummy, that he loves having rubbed.” According to the Facebook post.

Tiny and Trinity were not close to each other, so if they were adopted separately it would be fine for them.

Easton immediately noticed the big, orange cat when he went into the shelter and Tiny was going to a new home and it was official at that time.

Tiny was allowed to went out of the cage and went to his new owner, while Easton and his mother and Tiny were going back home. It was clear, that he was very happy to have a new home.

Although the shelter staff characterized the cat as “shy” it didn’t take a long time for Easton to become close friends. In fact Tony is like a huge teddy bear and his big stature reflects his big heart.

We hope, that all the kittens will find their loving homes.

The Facebook post is below, and it was clear, that the followers were all delirious for Easton and Tiny.

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