A homeless cat gets a modern crocheted pair of ears and a permanent home after losing his ears because of an infection

A cute story of a homeless cat with no ears

 Lady in a Fur Coat was a homeless cat, that was saved by the Dane County Humane Society, when it turned out, that the kitten had many problems with health. Unfortunately, because of her serious infections and hematomas, she had to have her ears removed, soon after being adopted. And one of the workers of the society crocheted a pair of ears and gave to kitty to replace her missing ears. Lady was very happy for her gift and seemed to really like it.

Lady’s story was posted on Facebook in the hope of finding her a forever home. The post soon became popular and people all over the world wanted to adopt the little baby. Lady was adopted by a kind man 24 hours later after the post was shared.

After a weeks living in the shelter the kitten got a new pair of ears and a forever home with a loving owner, who would provide her with a lot of care and love.

Lady hears very well, although not having ears and she is still very lively and happy.

She meets everyone with a cute head bump and a snuggle.

Look at Lady’s new ears and support the Society on Facebook. Please, share the story with your friends and family!

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