A dog went to the police station and persuaded officers to let his owner free

An advocate dog, that was able to made his owner free

 The police officers in Dominican Republic arrested a guy for reportedly breaking the rules for the coronavirus pandemic last month.

But thanks to his best friend he wasn’t kept for a long time.

After the man was arrested and went to the police station, an unexpected visitor entered the doors, asking for his owner’s release.

It turned out to be the man’s dog, who came here to convince police officers.

As they saw their strong connection, the officers decided to free the guy and warning him, rather than separating them.

Ans here’s the funny video:

The police officer told, that he had released the man as he had never seen such a thing. He also told, that he had never given a prisoner to a dog.

The smart puppy’s strategy was successful and he was happy.

Gladly, the man has learnt his lesson and won’t do such a thing in the future.

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