A cute labrador who had been evacuated from Ukraine found his new and happy canine life working as a police officer in the US

The cute doggy obtained a new and responsible profession

The current ongoing war in Ukraine has damaged the lives of thousands of people, including animals as well. Many people have been isolated from their homes along with their animals and have been locked up in dangerous places trying to be safe.

Luckily, the doggy who had been evacuated from Ukraine has a great opportunity  to survive as a police officer in the US.

His family escaped to Ukraine when war began.

When the cutie appeared in the US, a manager noticed that the doggy has an excellent police readiness and applied to the police department to recruit a new worker.

“This wonderful canine creature  has a certain drive to work, let’s give him the great chance for such a responsible job.” – said the detective.

The doggy is now training to be a drug detection police officer. It’s not an easy job, but the cutie pie has shown such great enthusiasm for his new position that everyone is sure he will succeed in it!

We are so happy to know that the doggy is safe outside of his motherland, and we wish every person and animals to be rescued from the cruelty of war!


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