A bus station lets homeless dogs in to help them get out of the cold

A kind deed, that needed to be continued 

The winter may start after a few weeks in the southern hemisphere, but temperatures are already starting to drop.

The colony of street puppies in southern Brazil now has the most comfortable and sweet location for staying warm.

It’s not known whether these dogs were leftover or not but now they know what it’s like to have a home. The staff of a Curitiba’s Barreirinha decided to open not only their hearts, but also their facility’s doors for kind dogs, that would be leftover.

The puppies new names are Max, Pitoco and Zoinho.

The staff has also given them blankets and three beds, and also food and water.

Although their new homes aren’t so much luxurious ones, but the puppies believe, that they are the luxurious of all.

A local politician and animal lover Fabiane Rosa was touched by this kind deed. She shared a post dedicated to animals, that need our help and assistance and commended people, who took the effort to make the world a kinder place to live.

“Many businesses in Curtiba may learn from this example and adopt a pet. Although it isn’t perfect, but in the end they are cared for.

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