You will be amazed by the incredible transformation of this brave doggy, who was found in an awful condition  

Do you want to see how the stray dog, who couldn’t stay on her feet, changed?

 This poor doggy was found in an extremely bad condition, who was sick and defenceless.

Fortunately, the rescuers arrived on time and could transport her to Moscow quickly. They called her Almira and gave the appropriate care and attention to her. The miserable dog, who was ill and extremely thin, and wasn’t able to stand on her own, became completely different.

Now the baby feels happy and healthy and is grateful to those who saved her life.

One of the rescuers told the reporters about Almira’s condition saying that the cutie was so thin, that it was too hard to gain weight quickly, but they were sure that everything would be ok soon. After two months everything was changed and the brave dog, who even couldn’t stand on her feet, became quite strong and healthy and now she goes for walks with happiness.

That’s really wonderful!

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