You cannot stop enjoying the attractive photos of the oddest friends. They are miracles!  

You have probably seen many strange friendships, but this one is not like the others.

There are many unusual friendships between different species that make people speechless, and this one isn’t an exception. Have you ever seen a friendship between a dog and an owl? Just sit and enjoy these beauties’ amazing photos.

The dog named Ingo and the owl named Poldi have the strongest bond and their fascinating photos taken by a famous photographer named Tanja Brandt show the real beauty and harmony of the cute friendship between different species.

Although the family members of the photographer aren’t fond of animals, she never stops loving them. The girl is interested in each creature and her love towards them came from her childhood.  In every creature she sees real beauty and captures it on her camera. She is a great example for those who are indifferent about these wonders.

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